VIDENT iBT100 12V Battery Analyzer FAQs:

Q: Can IBT100 support Polish?

A: Yes.

Q: Does vident ibt 100 work to test 12v 7ah batteries? like the batteries used in ups backup systems?

A: Yes. This tester works for all types of 12volt batteries.

Q: Does this ibt100 work on a flooded marine battery?

A: Yes, for 12V 100-1000cca flooded marin battery can use vident ibt100 battery tester.

Q: Does this work with a Lithium battery?

A: No, it only works for Acid battery.

Q: Will this test sealed rechargeable battery 12 V at 8 amp hours?

A: It should but more for automotive use.

Q: What type of batteries does this device require to operate? aa or aaa?

A: Neither. Takes power from battery being tested.

Q: Will this test deep cycle battery?

A: It is only for Lead-acid batteries test.

Q: Does this Vident ibt100 meter also display ah tested? or can that be determined from soh or soc values and the rated ah for the battery you are testing?

A: It is determined from soh and soc values.