Customer problem: I use iauto702 pro to replace the rear brake pads on my 2010 Toyota Avensis with EPB. After replacement, the handbrake prompt light cannot be off.

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Check whether the presence of trouble lights affects the normal use of the car.

If it does, try to solve by the following method:

1.Check if there is a fault code via OBDII. If there is, please clear it. Otherwise, power off the voltage to car and power on.

2.Check whether the car has changed the brake oil.

-If the brake oil is too low, please change.

-If the car is manually parked, there is no need to do EPB

3.If the solutions above cannot solve the problem, update the EPB function and collect data.

Guide to collect data:

Select the EPB icon and press OK until it shows “Save vehicle record”.

Perform all the EPB process, and press ESC-ESC-ESC until back to main menu.

Record is completed.

Open the TF card in the computer, go to TF:> Scan> IMMO and find a file named “savefile”.

Send the file to your dealer to solve.