VIDENT iAuto702 Pro has update new version ,more powerful than old version, improve the function of Clutch, Langchange,Seatmatch,Windowsdoor,Turbo and PFP.

Videnet Iauto702pro Update Client: iScanzilla Installer

VIDENT iAuto 702Pro New Version Update Details: 

Importance of clutch pedal free-play. Anything less than the correct amount of free play (or clearance) will result in clutch slip, because the pressure plate will be unable to exert its full pressure on the friction plate, clutch linkage adjustment to compensate for clutch wear.

This routine is to change language displayed in the instrument.

Seat match
A memory seat is essentially an electrically-adjustable car seat which
can be moved into pre-set positions at the push of a button.
As a result of the removal of the DCC fuse, the “driving position memory” function of the driver and passenger side seat will be inoperative due to the loss of seat position memory stored in the seat ECU. The seat (position control) ECU may need to be initialized if the seat memory settings cannot be recorded.

When replacing door glass and after battery replacement on certain year, make, model vehicles special steps need to be taken in order to properly replace and reprogram the vehicle so the electric windows work properly, the door window glass position can be learned by executing this routine, which enables pinch protection and one touch up function.

This routine is required if the secondary turbo charger is replaced.
This will learn the offset values for the turbine shut-off valve.

1.The program can detect the Prime Fuel Pump function.
2.Air often gets into the fuel line when a diesel vehicle change fuel or assembly fuel system. This causes a vehicle to have problems starting, forcing you to “prime” the fuel system to remove the air.

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