Vident is professional in automotive diagnosis like reading and clearing OBDII codes,provides workshops, technicians and enthusiasts alike affordable professional vehicle diagnostics solutions.

Vident have 5 series vehicle diagnostic products including Vident iLInk OBD Scan Tool,Vident iAuto Full System All Make Scanner, Vident iSmart Professional Auto Dignostic Tool, Vident iEasy Handhold OBD2 Code Reader and Vident iBT Battery Analyzer.


Vident iLInk Single Make OBD Scan Tool:

Vident iLInk Full System Single Make OBD2 Scanner

VIDENT iLink Full System Single Make OBD Scan Tool Support ABS/SRS/EPB/DPF/TPS/TBA/Oil Reset Update Online for Three Years.Vident Ilink Scan tool has iLink400,iLink410.iLink440 and iLink450.

Vident iAuto Full System All Make Scanner:

Vident iAuto Full System All Make OBD Scan Tool

Vident iAuto is Vident Professional diagnostic scan tool, It support vehicle all systems and most car brands. Vident iAuto is useful for workshops, technicians and DIYers.

Vident iSmart Professional Auto Diagnostic Tool:

Vident iSmart910 Automative diagnostic & analysis system

Vident iSmart is Powerful Automotive Diagnostic Analysis Tool, It has Comprehensive OBD Scan Functions, Coverage for over 78 USA,European and Asian Makes from 1996 to 2019.


Vident iEasy Portable OBD2 Code Reader:

Vident iEasy200 OBD2 Scan Tool

Vident iEasy is Portable OBD2/EOBD/CAN code reader,designed for professional technicians and DIYers.It includes Vidnet iEasy200,iEasy300 and iEasy310.

Vidnet iBT100 12V Battery Analyzer:

Vidnet iBT100 Battery Analyzer

Vidnet iBT Battery Analyzer provides a quick,easy and affordable solution for technicians to view battery charging status,check battery health and detect faults.

Vidnet iBT200 Battery Tester: